A musician must make music
An artist must paint
A poet must write
If he is ultimately to be at peace with himself

— Abraham Maslow

Music has been a passion since I was eight years old and my father first showed me how to play chords on the piano. Since that time, music has been a thread woven throughout my life. I have played piano, guitar, trumpet, and French Horn. I have sung with the Santa Barbara Choral Society in places as grand as St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, St. Stephen's in Vienna, and St. Mark's in Venice.

Key musical influences over time include Mozart and Chopin, as well as contemporaries George Winston and David Lanz. Winter Dream is a collection of all-original piano music, composed in a new-age style of free-flowing, soothing melodies. I recorded these songs on my Steinway grand piano. My wish is that my music will take you on a gentle, reflective journey. Enjoy.

Winter Dream